Humble request-MENTAL HEALTH

It’s a humble request to all, please stop taking life too seriously. We all go through phases in life where we feel no motivation and no boosting at all. But, that’s not the end my dear friends. Life is meant to be filled with ups and downs and this is how we grow as an individual. Many times you must have feel this is the end and can’t take any more of this life but trust me suicide is not the ultimate option. We do hide our feelings, mostly the negative feelings and piling up of these unreleased frustration leads to such terrible step called suicide. Please talk to someone about the way you feel, with the one who is dear to you and sometimes talking to a stranger about it also helps. Speak your heart out loud and release off all the burden in you. But, please don’t commit suicide. Time heals everything and we really need to keep patience and stop taking our life’s way too seriously. Never compare yourself with anyone. You are unique in your own ways. Love yourself. Help your colleagues, friends and family to overcome their dark phase of life.

soon after my exam I’m going to take some initiative and create a platform for people to talk to open out themselves and express their feelings and deal with psychological issues. We all find it difficult to speak our feelings to our known ones specially, it takes a lot of courage to speak up cause we think * wo kya sochenge* so this is an initiative, I don’t know if it’ll work or not, I hope it does. reach out before It’s too late.



16 thoughts on “Humble request-MENTAL HEALTH

  1. Mental Health?

    Rewrite some of the negative subconscious programs that run your life.

    Take control of your life: it’s what you think, eat, drink and do.

    Understand the “in and outs” of neuroplasticity, meditation, medicines, acupressure/acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine too.

    Don’t just treat the symptoms with meds but find, if you can, a cure.

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