A little tribute to all father💕

Father tears up holding his new born baby for the first time in his arms,

Holds your fingers,

Teaches you how to walk,

reads bed time stories for you,

puts you up for sleep and calls it as big achievement for him,

Becomes overjoyed after listening “Daddy” for the first time,

Watches you grow,

Eyes filled with nothing except love when he looks at you,

Wakes you up for school,

becomes your superhero for life,

Cries you when you had your first heart break,

Teaches you to be strong,

Stand by you when the world becomes unkind,

Claps the loudest when he sees you graduating,

Finally Gets emotional while walking down the aisle.

Daddy the first man we saw, trusted and loved! You are lucky enough to have all this, some people in this world don’t even know how it feels to be loved by father :‘)

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