To the girl who inspires my soul daily, To the girl whose laughter brighten my day, To the girl with the most empathy I have ever seen, To the girl who takes all of her pain, sorrow, and fear and turns them into her weapons to fight another day as a warrior, To the girl […]


Bathroom Besties ( Story time)

Hey oodolillies 💕 Welcome to my story time blog .Here I’ll be sharing a bunch full of weird experiences I’ve gone thru. At elementary school I had a bunch of friends ( or atleast I thought that way😌) So, One time in 4th grade I got into some serious trouble at school 😖 (just moderately […]

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Poem – Heaven

Hey oodolillies 💕 Here’s another fictional poem hope you like(d) it!!! They say In heaven, You’re reunited with your loved ones. I imagine it feeling like two waves coming close, One night apocalypse, The discovery of Black hole which is hard to miss, Snippets of life we’ve shared before, would you weigh me down ? […]

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Hey oodolillies 💕 How are you all doin’ ?? Well today’s write up you’ll have guessed by the title it’s all yammering about myself. we talk about something we all chronically suffer from, and will continue to for the rest of our lives… procrastination… question is WHY do we procrastinate? I was gonna write up […]


Part of me!

Heyy oddolillies 💕 You are a part of me, Even the moon agrees, When I think of friendship Your picture comes in my mind, You were like my warmth in the cold, So comforting with a heart of gold, You are like moonlight in my black nights, Too bright in the dark, but you made […]

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Poem- How I write?

They ask , “how I write?” I said – “The pen is mine, But the ink is you. The writings are mine,But the words are you. The poetry is mine, But the rhymes is you. The heart is mine, But it’s all over you. My Mind is barely functional, I imagine you flaunting your hair, […]

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Indian Arranged Marriages

Hey oodolillies 💕 Let’s have a talk on Indian Arranged Marriages. It’s a pretty different relationship, the coming together of two people. Wouldn’t go all out to say it’s beautiful and all (cause I kinda hate cringed relationships). But yea, there’s something about it that made me sit and stare at my sister and brother […]

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Thank you 500 hearts ♥

Hey oodolillies 💕 My dad always says celebrate your achievement no matter how big or small so Today I’m totally gobsmacked. I would want to thank each one of you for completing with me my journey of 500 ♥ together. Without you guys I would be incomplete. Thanks for spreading such positivity. I love to […]

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Log khya kahenge?

“Do you think the brown society will ever let go of the ‘log kya kahenge’ mindset?” – I think ‘log Kya kahenge’ – giving more importance to outsiders and ignoring the ambitions, respect and freedom of people who actually matter – is a made-up culture that is set to stay, we can all agree on […]

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Unintentionally happy

Now a days when I go for jogging ( more like walking), plugged on my ear pods playing dil mere . lil’ Dancing moves with a carefree smile in some lonely road , taking look at nature more closely I feel immense pleasure. So, I was just noticing this since a week that whenever some uncle […]

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