Humble request-MENTAL HEALTH

It’s a humble request to all, please stop taking life too seriously. We all go through phases in life where we feel no motivation and no boosting at all. But, that’s not the end my dear friends. Life is meant to be filled with ups and downs and this is how we grow as an […]

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Byee oodolillies 💕 I’m on a long break from WordPress catch you Soon, you’ll do miss me! 😏

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When you’re feeling low or maybe you’re missing someone and there’s none to show, just lay down and watch the sky, until all your worries, hurt and sorrow flies, count the stars until you forget all your problem, oh you don’t feel that boredom, Make this sky watch a new therapy, when finally Those clouds […]


Poem- The writers And poets

Hey oodolliles 💕  Here’s a short poem dedicated to you all. I’m really blessed to be surrounded by this community of wonderful, talented ,beautiful souls of all these writer and poets. every writer or poet has their own style and it’s so nice to just read through other ppls work and interpret what they mean. it’s […]

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Save me from myself

It’s back again, The monsters started controlling me again, As I Curl up myself in a ball at 2 am Tears stream down my face., I cover my mouth tightly so that the cries are not heard by anyone, As I dug my nails into my palm I can see the scars appear on my […]

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To the girl who inspires my soul daily, To the girl whose laughter brighten my day, To the girl with the most empathy I have ever seen, To the girl who takes all of her pain, sorrow, and fear and turns them into her weapons to fight another day as a warrior, To the girl […]


Bathroom Besties ( Story time)

Hey oodolillies 💕 Welcome to my story time blog .Here I’ll be sharing a bunch full of weird experiences I’ve gone thru. At elementary school I had a bunch of friends ( or atleast I thought that way😌) So, One time in 4th grade I got into some serious trouble at school 😖 (just moderately […]

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Poem – Heaven

Hey oodolillies 💕 Here’s another fictional poem hope you like(d) it!!! They say In heaven, You’re reunited with your loved ones. I imagine it feeling like two waves coming close, One night apocalypse, The discovery of Black hole which is hard to miss, Snippets of life we’ve shared before, would you weigh me down ? […]

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